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The Droit Humain is an Order of International Co-Freemasonry.

Without any distinction of nationalities, ethnicity or religions, freemasons of Le Droit Humain are united in a common ideal of equality, fraternity and liberty and are bound to a general concept of humanity beyond particularism which contains germs of segregation, exclusion and dehumanisation.

The first Lodge of the Israeli Jurisdiction, named "The Dove of Peace" was founded on the 21st of november 1989 and works in French.

The second Lodge, named "The Column of Dawn", was created on the 10th of April 1996 and works in Hebrew.

The third Lodge, named "The Menorah", was created on the 21st of November 1999 and works in French.

The Israeli Jurisdiction is linked to the Order of International Co-Freemasonry which is the only Masonic Institution that is both international and has men and women members in Israel. The Order is present in some 70 countries today.

The Order Le Droit Humain attach utmost importance to the problems endangering the world. During meetings a great interest is taken in questions of responsibilities and Human Rights, individual differences and problems of communication in the next 21th century.
The progress of Humanity is only attainable if shared by everyone. Therefore every free-mason of Le Droit Humain has to be a responsible citizen in the world in order to work in this way.

The Co-Freemasonry is a humanist Institution which aspires for the well being of mankind, to the acknowledgement of dignity of every human being and acceptance of his moral, social, cultural and ethnic difference.

On a political level Le Droit Humain adheres to the motto of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and does not take any political stand. On the other hand any humanist commitment is praiseworthy for a freemason. Members remain completely free in their choices. Initiation is accessible to everyone except those who profess fascist, racist and discriminatory ideologies.